Gym Tonic®


£35.00 for 24


The low calorie, post workout thirst-quencher


British spring water  |  Zero sugar  |  2000mg L-glutamine  |  600mg L-leucine  |  Light refreshing lemon

Looking for a refreshing, healthy drink to quench your thirst after a workout? One that’s also virtually calorie-free and helps your body recover faster? It sounds too good to be true, but no – this is Gym Tonic®.


Made from still British spring water, Gym Tonic® has added L-glutamine and L-leucine. These important amino acids contribute to the protein needed to repair and grow muscles after strenuous activity. So, it not only rehydrates you but also gets you ready for round two.


Gym Tonic® is also a great way to contribute towards your daily requirement of water. Over 100,000 people are already convinced. So, try it yourself.


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