Bio-Synergy Skinny Cola

Is the first in the world to be fortified with l-carnitne and chromium


What is it?

A low-calorie Cola, enhanced with a unique combination of ingredients to help(YOU) lose and maintain YOUR weight. Skinny Cola contains selected nutrients, which combine the benefits of hydration with amino acids and minerals that suppress appetite, block carbohydrates from converting into fat, and increase fat burning.**

Your questions answered:


1. Does Bio-Synergy Skinny Cola taste like Cola?
It sure does.

2. What does Bio-Synergy Skinny Cola do?
Bio-Synergy Skinny Cola increases fat burning and helps burn sugar.

3. How does Bio-Synergy Skinny Cola work?
The unique formula combining L-Carnitine and zinc assists natural fat burning and helps reduce sugar cravings.

4. What will I feel after drinking Bio-Synergy Skinny Cola?
Most people report they are less hungry the next day and have reduced sugar cravings.

5. When should I drink Bio-Synergy Skinny Cola?
Drink Bio-Synergy Skinny Cola whenever you are thirsty

6. Is there any research showing the effectiveness of L-carnitine and Zinc?
Yes, there are a number of scientific studies and the ingredients have FSA approval, they have also been widely used in the sports nutrition and weight management market for many years.


7. Is Skinny Cola free from aspartame?
Yes, Bio-Synergy Skinny Cola is free from aspartame.

8. Where is Skinny Cola made?
Skinny Cola, is made right here in the UK and therefore has a low carbon footprint.

9.Where does the water come from in Skinny Cola?

Skinny Cola is manufactured using natural spring water, from right here in the UK.


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