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hi just thought id tell u how much i LOVE skinny water! tastes better than any other drink. and seems to actually work! ive been doing slimming world and hav got down to a healthy weight but want to lose afew more pounds, ive been abit stuck lately only losing 1/2 a pound a week or nothin and it was getting me down, so was gona try slimming pills but saw skinny water an thought if it tasted nice id giv it a go! and the first week drinkin about 3 a day i lost 4lbs!! am sooo pleased on my second week now, so hoping it really is the water helping (even if it isnt love the taste! an wil stil defo buy it) went to 3 different superdrugs the other day to get my hands on some!!lol im craving skinny water not cake!!



Despite working in the inchloss and fat burning industry and eating healthy meals, I tend to pick on chocolate throughout the evening.  I have been drinking two bottles of Skinny Water a day for a week and a half and I've lost 5 pounds.  Skinny Water has stopped my cravings and my clients are also having similar results. 
Jan Soar, Hypoxi Therapy and Power Plate Studio Owner..



Three years ago I had a mastectomy aged 32, followed by chemotherapy. During the chemotherapy, the only foods I managed to keep down were sugary cereals and porridge with honey. Unfortunately, this, along with the long period of relative inactivity, had the effect of making me perhaps the only woman in the world to GAIN weight during chemo! When my scar had healed sufficiently, I asked for a referral for a breast reconstruction - I was still only 35 and didn't want to spend the rest of my life like this. Because of the weight gain, the plastic surgeon said I was not a suitable candidate and two stones had to disappear before he would put me on the waiting list. So I set about dieting. I tried eating sensibly, I tried fads, I tried lo-carb but could never stick to one for long and as my cravings for Fruit Gums crept back, so did the few pounds I'd lost.

Then I tried Skinny Water. I'd tried everything else, so why not? I was amazed. I had been very sceptical about reducing the sugar cravings - how can a bottle of water replace my beloved Fruit Gums, I thought. But it DID! I ate sensible portions, cut out fried food and bread and, instead of dessert, had a chilled bottle of Skinny Water. I lost 6 lbs in my first week and the loss continued. Then I hit on the idea of freezing Skinny Water in a child's ice lolly maker. When everyone else in the house scoffed ice cream, I had a Skinny Water lolly. They more than replaced my love of chewy fruity sweets AND satisfied my sweet tooth. Unbelievably and to my shock, I am now in a size 14 jeans - something I've not seen since the mid-80's! So I went back to my GP and obtained another referral to the surgeon. I have 4lbs to lose and my pre-op checkup is in January. I have finally persuaded them to give me the breast reconstruction I so badly wanted and the weight loss that persuaded them is all down to Skinny Water. I will continue to drink it (and eat my lollies) after the op, because I don't want to put weight back on and end up "lopsided" with one boob bigger than the other. I would recommend this to ANYONE wanting to lose weight slowly and surely without going hungry - it really does work. Christmas is going to be tough, I know, but I have a worthwhile goal so with the aid of Skinny Water, I'll resist the Christmas pudding!

Beverly Andrews



Hi to all at Bio-synergy, I tried the skinny water first along with the slimming pills. I had always been slim but after two large boys the last of the baby weight just didn't seem to want to shift. The water has a lovely delicate taste and does what it says, after a bottle of water I cut my portion size and couldn't eat everything,I just felt full but not uncomfortable. Its so much easier to drink the water and use the pills than try and follow a diet that cuts out loads of food groups that you need and then the weight comes back on after you stop. I would definitely recommend Bio-synergy to my friends,one of who is amazed that its actually working and how easy it is. I wanted to lose 2 stone altogether and already halfway through 1 already!! Hurray for skinny water

Claire swift



Dear Daniel,

I phoned you on Monday 11th Aug regarding your product Skinny Water, of which I have nothing but praise for…I have lost 9lbs in 2 weeks .. I don’t feel hungry and I don’t want to eat any of the usual rubbish (chocolates, cakes).. I am a big girl so will be drinking it for a long time.

Thanks, Agnes Cairney



Hello there,

My name is Andrea I am 29 years old, I have been drinking the Bio-Synergy Skinny Water for a week and just love it!! I also feel a lot better which is a bonus. Drinking water is no longer a chore. Thanks so much!

Kind regards,
Andrea McKinnon
Fife, Scotland



Dear Customer Care,

… Yesterday, I threw away a choc bar as I realised it was out of date and realised that thanks to Skinny Water my appetite for sweet foods has shrunk even more.

Hope this is of interest.

Yours sincerely,
M.Wyatt (Mrs)




Have sampled your product and think it is excellent. Good taste.. really enjoyed it and would buy again, but the bottle design is garish.











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