Bio-Synergy Body Perfect


If you’ve decided it’s time to lose weight or want to banish the flab to show-off your muscle development then Bio-Synergy’s Body Perfect is what you are looking for. This totally herbal, natural capsule will stimulate fat loss and sculpt your body to perfection.


The key ingredients which Make it Happen in Body Perfect are Green Tea, L-tyrosine and Citrus Aurantium. Body Perfect promotes weight loss through thermo genesis - which can accelerate calorie burning, fat mobilisation and breakdown body fat.


For centuries green tea has been a staple in the Far East and recently Western medicine has recognized its many health benefits. It’s effect on boosting immunity, in preventing cancer and as an antioxidant are far reaching. It’s also highly effective in reducing ‘bad’ cholesterol. But it’s also proved a great aid for weight loss - by both increasing the rate at which fat is burnt and also reducing the absorption of calories from the diet.

Green tea may be useful as a glucose regulator - meaning it slows the rise in blood sugar following a meal by reducing the action of a particular digestive enzyme called amylase. Amylase is responsible for breaking down starches after a meal - which can increase your blood sugar level quickly.

Citrus Aurantium extract may help control appetite and has been found to increase metabolism. Also known as ’bitter orange’, Citrus Aurantium raises body temperature but without increasing nervous energy - so unlike some other slimming aids you won’t get the ‘jitters’ or find it hard to sleep.

L-tyrosine, another fantastic ingredient in Body Perfect capsules, has been shown to lift mood and fight depression. Many dieters find it hard to stick to their eating and exercise plan because they comfort eat. By including this amino acid you should be able to stay positive and see great results because you haven’t been tempted to reach for the chocolate!

So give yourself the figure you have always wanted. Bio-Synergy’s Body Perfect will help you fight the flab - and win!


Key Benefits:

A natural approach to weight loss
Won’t give you the ‘jitters’ like other slimming products
Burns fat
Reduces cravings to help you stick to your eating plan
Suitable for vegetarians


Recommended Use:

Two capsules to be taken with breakfast, avoid taking later in the day. A maximum of 4 capsules to be consumed per day.


When to use:

These capsules will enhance your healthy eating plan and support your exercise work to enhance your fat loss. They can be used with no change to your diet or lifestyle but the best results will be seen if used in combination.

If you have reached a plateau with your weight loss, Body Perfect could give you the boost you need to lose those last few pounds and keep them off.


Did you know?

Polyphenols, the active ingredient in green tea, have been shown to boost the body’s metabolism.


Did you know?

L-Tyrosine has been shown to improve your sense of wellbeing.


“I tried the Body Perfect Fat Burner™ from Bio-Synergy for 6 weeks, and they dramatically reduced my cravings for sugar. I lost 1.2 kilos, and I shall certainly be using them again. My star rating for this product is 10/10, Bio-Synergy got it spot-on!”

Antonia Mariconda, Health and Beauty Journalist - Ten Years Younger



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